How can I contact you?

Feel free to e-mail us at support@saintjewelers.com or text us at +1-914-223-4247.

How long will it take to get my order?

About 85% of items ship immediately after you place your order. Items like tennis chains, cuban chains and more. They should arrive between 8-10 days. However, some items that are more custom or intricate may take 10-30 days to ship, simply because all our pieces are hand made by expert jewelers and each stone is placed and set by hand. Saint Jewelers started with the mission to deliver the best quality to its clients, and at times that may take a few more days. We don't want to cut any corners. But trust and believe it will be your favorite piece to wear when you see it. 

Why wait?

When it comes to jewelry, you want QUALITY. We spent more than a year perfecting the right process and selecting the right jewelers to deliver the highest quality. These are pieces you wear for a long time and we want them to look just as perfect as the first day.

Do you use real diamonds?

Because we believe everyone deserves to be dripped in the best, we have spent more than a year finding ways to deliver the BEST quality for our clients. All of our pieces are set with either grade D VVS1 moissanite or SI grade diamond that are polished twice and over shine with just the slightest touch of light. 

What type of metals do you use?

We found that using the highest quality of 925 sterling silver is the best. And that when you plate it with materials or substances like rhodium and 18K gold it last the longest. 18k gold is incredibly soft and having a foundation like sterling silver gives your jewelry the durability you want and need. That way you can wear your pieces out anywhere and move freely and not have the fear of bending or breaking your chain or bracelet.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! Saint Jewelers offers a one year warranty on all purchases for our clients. If for any reason your jewelry is broken or has a defect, simply e-mail us at support@saintjewelers.com and we will be more than happy to fix it and make sure its perfect.

Why Saint Jewelers?

We have worked feverishly for more than a year to find the BEST jewelers in the world. Yes, the entire world. As a small business, you’re not only supporting a budding business based in the United States, but you get to enjoy the perks of working with us one on one. We know every client, and personally oversee each and every single order. Just like your favorite celebrities who have relationships with their jewelers, Saint Jewelers wants to be your go to for all jewelry.

Do you make custom pieces?

Yes, we are working on creating some custom pieces. We want to be your personal jeweler and want to provide you with all your custom jewelry needs. We will eventually launch our custom section on our website, but for now if you would like to create a custom piece please e-mail us at support@saintjewelers.com.

I can't find what I'm looking for.

If there is an item on another competitors website or a style you want, simply reach out to us and we will talk to our jewelers to see if we can make a special order for you. Just e-mail us here: support@saintjewelers.com